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Church for singles

Where everyone belongs - no matter the material status
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Is it YOU?

Do you feel left out in your community?
Are you single and struggle to fit in your church?

Do you go to church but you are the only single person there?
Are you lonely and looking for a place with people like you?


The Bible is for everyone, single, divorced
or whatever situation in life is.

The Bible is the place to learn to live a fulfilled life as a single person.

Join Church for Singles

01. Community

Join a group of singles following Christ.
Live your life, love your life and follow the Bible.

Move Forward

02. Coaching

Coaching or mentorship is a way of helping people with their past or struggles they are having at the moment to let go and trust God to fulfill your needs for a better life.  Let’s get started moving your life forward with the help of a coach.

Give Back

03. Make a Donation

100% of all donations go to a designated charity in need. The charity will change depending on the need. I believe we are to help each other and the Bible says churches should be store houses. I want this to be a store house for those in need. Church For Singles is not a non-profit organization. We do pay taxes, not from the donations, I don’t believe the government should be involve in our daily operations. Jesus said give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

If you have any questions please contact us. Thank you for your support.

Speak Up

04. Spread the Word

We believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and the Bible has all the answers for whatever you are seeking.
By reading the bible daily we can become the people God intends us to be no matter where you are in your life. Through loving Jesus, ourselves and others our lives can be transformed.


How did I help? 

Making an impact on people’s life my the greatest mission.

Tim and I started working together 5 years ago. I had always believed in God but I never chased Him. Tim would talk about the Word, I would listen but not really. He prayed that I would have a desire to read God’s Word and God answered. Then Tim held me accountable by asking me what I had read, long story short God used Tim to change my life.


I was married for 16 years and found myself with no home, no job, without my kids and family except for my Grandmother and sister. I got a job and an apartment and would come home to a dark, gloomy place and cry myself to sleep. At times I wanted to kill myself from the despair I was feeling.  Until I got in touch with Tim. He prayed with me, talked with me and gave me advice. I would call him when I was feeling emotional and was wanting to give up on life.  He always encouraged me by giving me Bible verses to read and him praying with me helped lift me up. Today, I have a beautiful home, a new car, a great job and to top it all off my kids live with me.


T-Shirt Club

Church for Singles, Christian Life Coach
Just for YOU

T-shirt of the month club

To help you feel confident, strong and keep on the faith we created the T-shirt Club. Join Church for Singles – to get a new t-shirt every month.

Together in Christ

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What I do

Our Services

Finding Your PEOPLE

Join Church for Singles community
a group of christian singles. 


Together we can learn, grow, and feel the community!

Life Coaching

Get over your fear, minimize stress and let yourself shine!

What Drives ME


I believe God created Heaven and Earth and everything in it.  He sent His only Son to the Earth in human form and He died a horrible death on the cross for each and every one of us and on the third day He was resurrected and lives today.  He created man and woman perfectly to come together as one in marriage.  I believe marriage is a covenant like God’s covenants He has made with us that is unbreakable.  We have all fallen short of what God has intended for us but we are all covered by His loving grace for us.

The values I try to live by are humility, honesty, trustworthiness, a gentle heart, courage and strength to have the type of character worthy of Jesus Christ.


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Why Singles avoid church?

Fear? Is that the main reason single people don’t go to church? I have often wondered why people say 50% of the people are single but you don’t find them in church. Married people will tell you to go to church to find a good man or a good woman. That statement in...
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I Gave Up

Who am I, a sinner, a saint, or both? Yes, I would say so. I am both at various times. I am not a Minister, Preacher, Pastor or whatever other title you might want to apply to it. I am simply a man that gave up. I gave up because I didn’t want to ever go through the...
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Are we being taught the right things?

Timothy 4:1-2-NIV- The spirit clearly says that in later time some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. This type of...
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Mr. Right is hiding in plain sight

We are all, men and women, to strive to be like Jesus, we aren’t perfect like him but we are to try. Jesus said in Mathew 11:29 I am humble and gentle in heart. Humble, the one characteristic women in the world see as a weakness. The one characteristic that keeps them from seeing Mr. Right when he walks past them and sometimes even when he has a face to face conversation with them.

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Dating in a bubble

I read an article where the woman was describing dating from her own personal bubble and staying inside to look for the perfect man. She was protected in her bubble from having to show any of her flaws to the perfect person she was looking for by staying in her...
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Be the Light

This first blog post is to give you some background on the journey I have been on to come to starting My prayer, hope and objective is to shine the light of Jesus on the very, dark world of dating. During this process, I want to shine the light...