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Mr. Right is hiding in plain sight

Mr. Right is hiding in plain sight

Women have lists they go by for the things they are looking for in a man. The list supposedly makes up all the criteria needed to be able to find Mr. Right. Christian women have Biblical characteristics they include in their lists to help narrow down the field to find the Christian Mr. Right.

The problem for Christian women is they have all of the characteristics correct on the list except the most important ones. The important characteristics they either leave off or they look right past it in Mr. Right.

We are all, men and women, to strive to be like Jesus, we aren’t perfect like him but we are to try. Jesus said in Mathew 11:29 I am humble and gentle in heart. Humble, the one characteristic women in the world see as a weakness. The one characteristic that keeps them from seeing Mr. Right when he walks past them and sometimes even when he has a face to face conversation with them.

The Israelites were looking for a messiah that was going to come in to be a conquering King. Riding in on a white horse with a powerful army to destroy the Roman army and reign as the King. I’m sure they were looking at him as bold, powerful, courageous, ultimate leadership qualities and everything Hollywood tells them a man like that should be. But that’s not who Jesus was.

Jesus was humble and gentle. Yes, He would turn over tables when necessary but He was all about love. He came to serve not to be served. He washed His disciple’s feet. This is what Mr. Right should look like not the Hollywood version.

So, who is this elusive Mr. Right and how do you know when you see him?

The sad part about this is, you probably have already seen him, talked to him face to face and may even be friends with him now. Because he doesn’t fit any woman’s list of what he should look like or what he should be.

Let’s start off with what he is not. Bold, brash, arrogant, conceded, cocky, self-centered. He doesn’t brag about what he kind of car he drives, his house, his plans, his goals, his dreams, pretty much anything about himself. He doesn’t put himself in the spotlight.

So, who is he? He is the guy who is confident but may appear shy. He is friendly and helpful and of course nice. The most important thing to him is God, not worldly things. He lives in this world but is not of this world, so materialistic things don’t matter as much to him. He is concerned with what is on the inside. He may meet you and even be attracted to you but won’t immediately ask you out. He will get to know you first, in this way he will know if you are a woman he would want to spend time with and ultimately give his heart to. If he sees things in your character that don’t fit Biblically to what he is looking for, for example, if you are more worldly than God-fearing, he won’t ask you out. This is the way he stays hidden from view because he doesn’t stand out in a crowd. He may have money, a nice car, a nice house, goals, dreams, plans and other things but you wouldn’t know because he doesn’t talk about them because he knows all of those things are God’s will. He may have everything on your list but is humble so you don’t recognize it. Most importantly he does know how to treat a woman, what God expects of him as a husband and father, and strives to be the leader and man God calls him to be.

So ladies, the next time you meet a man who is humble and you want to write him off as weak. Keep in mind Jesus said He is humble and gentle in heart and you may be passing by Mr. Right.


The Perfect Man

The Perfect Man

I think the image we have constructed in our heads of what the perfect man would be in this world is very distorted.  Women have their version of what this would look like and men have their version, but they are two very different versions.

In the singles scene you have men that really don’t care how they appear to women’s version of the perfect man.  They use whatever manipulation they can to accomplish their goal of getting the woman.  There are many, many books, videos and courses men can take to learn the art of attracting women.  These teaching items are not being used to treat women properly or to build a relationship that resembles anything God intended.

Women have a list they carry around in their head of what they want in a man.  How he should look, how he should act, how secure financially he is, what kind of leader he should be and the list goes on and on.  They may give you a simple version of what they are looking for and it may line up with what the Bible says a Godly man should be or what one looks like but in their heart they want all of the worldly things along with the Biblical version.

So what does this so-called perfect man women describe look like?  Society has built this fantasy version of what he would look like.  Tall dark and handsome, riding in on a white horse to save the day with strength and courage.  He would be very smart, very wealthy, treat women exactly the way a man should.  He would meet every need a woman had in any situation and always have the right words to say.  He would drive a really nice car, live in a very big house, have an awesome career, be ambitious, set goals and plans, be the perfect father and of course lead in a manner every woman would want.  Women all over the world are waiting and looking for the man that will come in and save the day.

This is an illusion.  It is a human viewpoint of what the perfect man would be contrived by people selling magazines, movies, talk shows and whatever other media you can think of.  It comes from women talking to each other and fantasizing of what he would look like.  It is all deception and man-made, not what God intended.  He doesn’t work that way.

If you have read your Bible or go to church you have heard this story before.  We are back in the same place the Israelites were thousands of years ago.  They were looking for a savior to come and rescue them from the oppressive Roman army.  The triumphal savior would have been coming in on a white horse with an army like no one had ever seen and with power and mite he would have conquered the Roman army and saved them.  But that’s not what happened.

The savior that arrived was nothing like they envisioned.  He came to serve, not to be served.  Some accounts I have read said He was an average looking guy.  He washed His disciples feet.  He was humble and gentle at heart, His words in Mathew 11:29.  Nothing about Him looks like the description Hollywood has for what the perfect man would be, but Jesus is the only perfect man to ever walk the earth.

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