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I read an article where the woman was describing dating from her own personal bubble and staying inside to look for the perfect man. She was protected in her bubble from having to show any of her flaws to the perfect person she was looking for by staying in her bubble. From this safety she would pick out the flaws in men and when she saw enough flaws in the men, she would have an excuse to get out of the relationship before her flaws were seen.

Sounds like a lot of single people, especially Christian single people, sounds like me. I spent a lot of time years back going to singles groups, trying to fit in but never really fitting in anywhere. I would look at the men and women in the groups from the safety of my little bubble and think I could never fit in here. All of these people are good Christian people and none of these women would want a man like me.

I looked at my flaws as something no one could or would ever accept, without realizing the people in the groups were no different than me. They were all covered in the blood of Jesus and so was I. I couldn’t see past my own flaws to truly feel and know how much I am loved by Jesus.

Jesus loves me no matter what my past experiences are and for me to have a loving relationship with a woman, I have to realize everyone has flaws and Jesus still loves all of us.

We have to realize we are in a protective bubble of our own making and risk putting our feelings out there for someone else. We have all prayed for God to send us the right person but as long as we are in the bubble, how would we know when He answered that prayer.

Jesus was rejected over and over again, beaten with horrific devices, nailed to a cross and still said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” He still loved them as He was going through all of this pain and heartache. Surely, we can put aside our fear of rejection to take the chance on being loved by someone and showing love to someone.

Jesus loves all of us just as we are. Believe you are worthy of His love and worthy to be loved. With all of your flaws and imperfections you are someone very, special and deeply loved. Love yourself, forgive yourself and let go of all the negative thoughts you have about yourself.

What is your dating story?